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About EastBrook & Co. 

EastBrook & Co., created in 2019, is obsessed with being creative! With the intention of growing as a creative business, they have successfully opened up three different branches (with more on the horizon). EastBrook & Co. Early Learning provides real-life image flashcards for young explorers between the ages of 1 - 5 years old. Currently, they have their colourful and lively selection of ABC, 123, Shapes, and Clue Matchers flashcards.  Mondevi by EastBrook & Co. is a beautiful hand-crafted jewelry line. Their unique diamond-less pieces are made with materials such as sterling silver, 14K gold-plated, glass, and genuine stone jewelry. Bead Casa by EastBrook & Co. includes their fun and decorative accent beads. Having these in your home can add just a little bit more style and personality to your bowls, trays, or books. You'll find beads for every season!

Our process. 
Every project is personal and special to us. Because we are a creative company, we take the time to plan out how our next project can better benefit others. We design a product that we envision and bring it to life. Last, but not least, we carefully create. EastBrook & Co. always has their
 thinking caps on! Follow us on Instagram to keep up with our latest creations! 

ow we help. 
EastBrook & Co. is dedicated to helping others, but we definitely wouldn't be able to do what we do without your grateful support. We are proud to donate proceeds of each sale to a charity/organization at the end of every year. We also have special fundraisers and drives to help out a lot of other organizations during the year. 

Currently, we sell our products through Etsy. Please visit each page for links to our shops.


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