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About EastBrook & Co. 

EastBrook & Co., created in 2019, is obsessed with being creative! With the intention of growing as a creative business, they have successfully opened up many different lines. Bead Casa
includes their fun and decorative accent beads. Having these in your home can add just a little bit more style and personality to your bowls, trays, or books; and you can find different beads for every season or holiday in their store. Mondevi is a beautiful hand-crafted jewelry line. Their simple, yet elegant pieces are made with materials such as sterling silver, 14K gold-plated, glass, and genuine stone jewelry. CocoShay is a handcrafted jewelry line uniquely designed for every little princess, fit to be a queen. Each piece crafted by owner and designer Char Nair is only created once, which makes it one of a kind. OnTheEastSide is an upcoming urban hat line that EastBrook & Co. is excited to introduce in 2022. Follow EastBrook & Co. on social media to stay up to date with their latest products and lines! 

Our process. 
Every project is personal and special to us. Because we are a creative company, we take the time to plan out how our next product can better benefit others. We design products that we envision and bring them to life. Last, but not least, we carefully create. EastBrook & Co. always has their thinking caps on! 

ow we help. 
EastBrook & Co. is dedicated to helping others, but we definitely wouldn't be able to do what we do without your grateful support. With our Above it All initiative, we make it a point to support charities and organizations in as many ways as we can. We donate proceeds from each sale, hold special fundraisers and drives, build care packages, and do much more to help out those in need all throughout the year.  Check out our Above it All page for more information. 

Currently, we sell our products through Etsy. Please visit each page for links to our shops.


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