Who we are.

Welcome to EastBrook & Co. - The creative company! We are a husband and wife team. We like to think of our small business as a growing tree. We have a variety of different branches and a lot more growing!

Currently, the first branch of our company includes our early learning tools
such as flashcards and workbooks created for young explorers who want to
learn their ABCs, 123s, shapes, and objects.


Our second branch includes our Mondevi Collection which consists of our unique                                                                hand-crafted jewelry pieces such as necklaces, earrings, and bracelets; and they are                                                            definitely worth having in your jewelry box! 

The third branch includes our simple, yet beautiful home decor
pieces that adds just a little bit more character and style to your
loving home.

Our process. 
Every project is personal and special to us. In short, because we are a creative                                                                        company, we take the time to plan out how our next project can better benefit                                                                        others. Then we then create a design that brings our vision to life, and think of                                                                      ways of how this project would add something special into someone else's life.                                                                      Last, but not least, we carefully create. It's a process we completely enjoy! 

ow we help. 
                                                           EastBrook & Co. is dedicated to helping others, but we definitely wouldn't be able to                                                             do what we do without your grateful support. Therefore, we are proud to donate                                                                 50% of each sale to a charity/organization at the end of every year. At the end of                                                                   every year, we blog about who we have helped. Please follow us on Instagram                                                                       (eastbrookandco) for updates as well. 

Where can you buy our products.
We sell on Etsy. You can visit our shop at https://www.etsy.com/shop/EastBrookCo


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