Mondevi Jewelry By EastBrook & Co_

About Mondevi

At Mondevi, we are dedicated to creating unique hand-crafted pieces that are worth having in your jewelry box. Mondevi jewelry is simple, yet elegant to wear. 

Founder and CEO of EastBrook & Co., Charlene Nair-Gafur is the creator of Mondevi. She was inspired by the name because of two very important people who played an enormous part her life.


Monica (Mon) was Charlene's cousin who was a professional chef and cooking instructor with over 20 years of experience in the food industry. Talented and very well-known, Mon inspired people everywhere she went. Deviki (Devi) was Charlene's grandmother who cherished the small things in life. Grateful for all that she had, Devi was an inspirational woman who knew the meaning of sacrifice and strength.


With their two names put together, EastBrook & Co. formed a new branch - Mondevi. Charlene's mission for this line is to honor the two very important women who showed dignity and strength throughout their lives. Along with creating beautiful hand-crafted jewelry, 50% of each sale will be donated to a charity or cause at the end of the year.   


"Create, inspire, and love..."

                          -xo Charlene Nair-Gafur 


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Mondevi jewelry by EastBrook & Co. is currently available from their Etsy Shop. Stay up to date with upcoming pieces by following them on Instagram. 

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