uniquely diamond-less.

Inspired by angels. Created for you.

The Collection

about Mondevi

Our Mondevi collection is delicately hand-curated made with silver and gold plated jewelry. Every piece is put together with dedication to create unique hand-crafted pieces that are worth having in your jewelry box.  The materials we use to create our products include sterling silver and 14K - 18K gold plated jewelry, genuine stones, glass beads, and crystals. There's something in our collection for every occasion.

Founded by Char Nair, owner of EastBrook & Co., the inspiration for the Mondevi collection was inspired by two very strong and motivating women who were a driving force in her life - Monica (cousin) and Deviki (grandmother).
Monica (Mon) was a professional chef with over 20 years of experience in the food industry. Talented and extremely well-known, Monica inspired people everywhere she went with her creative recipes and infectious laugh. Mon wasn't fancy, she was effortlessly elegant.  


Deviki (Devi) was a woman of many strengths. Although born in a time where there was not much opportunity for women, she was determined to pave the way for her kids. Cherishing the small things in life, Deviki was grateful for all that she had.

Inspired by her cousin's elegance and her grandmother's simplicity, Char created a line that showcased just that. Mondevi is simple, yet elegant.  
"Create, inspire, and love..."
                          -Char Nair



Mondevi strives to create hand-curated jewelry that is simple, yet looks absolutely elegant. We are passionate about fostering sustainable jewelry that our customers are proud to wear.  


Our company researches and creates new products with our customers in mind. Our aim is to be a reputable handcrafted jewelry line.